What would you change about sports?

Published 2:58 pm Monday, January 2, 2012

By Aaron Worm

Behind the Mic

If you could change anything in the world of sports — high school, college or professional — what would it be? I have the top 5 things I would change if I had my choice:

Aaron Worm

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5. Four teams per section in Minnesota High School football advancing to the postseason. I am fine with the current system, letting most teams make the postseason, and giving a 7 seed or 8 seed a chance to be Cinderella, but I think with less teams making the playoffs, there would be more emphasis on regular season games.

4. Reduce the Division 1 men’s basketball tournament back to 64 teams. I know it’s fun to watch selection Sunday and see if your team is in or not, but the teams on the bubble never win the NCAA title. Since the expansion to 64 teams back in 1985, the lowest seed to win the National title is Villanova an 8 seed (1985). Double digit seeds have reached the final four on only three occasions. Now I don’t want them to shrink the tournament down to 32 teams, even though history says those are the only teams with a real shot to win, but 68 is too many, and hearing there was talk of going to 128 teams, makes me scratch my head. I shouldn’t need to fill out the front and back of a sheet to complete my bracket.

3. Tighten up the postseason schedule. All the major sports are guilty of this. MLB puts an off day between games that are being played in the same ballpark. The NFL puts an off week between championship games, and the Super Bowl. And the NBA and the NHL each take two months to complete their postseason.

2. Expand the divisional series in baseball to seven games. This is never going to happen, now that baseball has added another wild card team to the mix. To play 162 games and it comes down to a best of five series, I don’t think is enough games, considering the NBA and the NHL play half the amount of games, and each of their playoff series are best of seven. Now baseball throws in the one game playoff this year, where the top two wild card teams will meet for a chance to advance to the postseason, so expansion to a seven-game series isn’t going to happen any time soon or ever.

1. Playoff system in college football. No more BCS please. No more games named after pizza joints, websites, and so on. I have more interested in the national championship game in the other subdivision, where North Dakota State takes on Sam Houston State on Saturday for the FCS title. That game was decided by a playoff not a computer. Good news for us Gopher fans, if NDSU wins on Saturday we can say we lost to the national champions.

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