Progress: By the numbers

Published 4:00 pm Tuesday, March 6, 2012

7 years are left on the debt schedule for Albert Lea High School, the district’s only building debt. The interest rate is 4 percent, and there is 19,313,500 left to pay over the seven years.

$11,504.88 is the average amount it costs per year to educate one child in the district. That average includes all operating expenses, staffing costs, transportation, food service and special education costs, among other expenses. The district’s director of finance and operations, Lori Volz, said the Legislature determines how that amount is calculated.

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186,844 is the amount of excess revenue in the district’s general fund. With a more than $42 million budget, Volz said that’s as close to a balanced budget as the district can get.  “We’re in a good financial position,” Volz said. “We’re not deficit spending.”

428 full-time staff, including teachers, administrators, janitors, food service workers and others, work for Albert Lea School District, as well as 49 part-time staff.

3,337 total number of students enrolled in the district as of mid-December. The number reflects all students K-12 and students in early childhood education and at the Area Learning Center.

$37,000-$61,000 range that full-time educators are paid per year in the district. The average is around $45,000.  The salary scale has steps and lanes that take into account the years of education teachers have. The smallest amount is a bachelor’s degree, and the biggest amount is a master’s plus 30.