Fruit and veggie day at Hollandale Christian School

Published 9:57 am Thursday, April 12, 2012

Students work on their fruit creations.

This has been an exciting month for students at Hollandale Christian School! Teachers decided to have a fruit and vegetable contest. The school was split into groups; kindergartners through second-graders, third- through fifth-graders, and sixth- through eighth-graders.

A fruit project is displayed.

Each group had a goal to get 800 stickers, each sticker representing one serving of a fruit or vegetable. The first group that gets 800 stickers receives a prize. Along with this contest, family groups had their own activity to do. Family groups are all the students of the school split into small groups in which an eighth-grader leads.

For the activity, a week prior to March 16, the groups met to plan a healthy creation. Each member was assigned a fruit or vegetable to bring. On that following Friday the groups gathered to make their creation.

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It was fun to pool all of the kids’ creativity to make a crazy creature. Everyone had some bonding time and learned to compromise with each other’s ideas. This healthy program has really encouraged the students to eat healthy every day. Not only are they eating healthy but they are having fun competing against one another.

A fruit project is displayed.