Department of Revenue launches new website

Published 2:49 pm Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Minnesota Department of Revenue officially launched its new website May 1. The redesigned site — — emphasizes simplicity and usability, with better search tools, easier navigation and a simpler, streamlined layout.

“Our users spoke, and we listened,” said Revenue Commissioner Myron Frans. “Our new website provides an easier way for Minnesotans to access and understand the tax information and services they need. The result is better and more efficient government services.”

The new website was designed and built for ease of use. For example:

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• To improve navigation, the new website has simpler organization, consistent page layout and less clutter. It has half as many pages as the old website, built in 2003.

• Many of the pages have been rewritten in plainer language to make them easier to understand.

• Each page offers contact information and frequently asked questions that are tailored to that specific content.

• The search function is more effective. It also lets users quickly and easily narrow their results by tax type, form or year.

These changes are based on feedback from workshops, usability testing and current web design standards. Since August 2010, hundreds of people inside and outside the department have participated in multiple rounds of testing and surveys. Early tests revealed that the old website was no longer meeting the needs of individual taxpayers, businesses and tax professionals. Users highlighted such problems as challenging site navigation, poor presentation and an ineffective search function.

“This new website is the product of meticulous planning, testing and dedicated staff who made it their mission to provide more effective and efficient service to Minnesota taxpayers,” said Frans. “We will continue to make improvements to ensure that Minnesotans have easy-to-find, usable and current information.”