Editorial: Get breaking news over Twitter, not text messages

Published 8:58 am Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today, we wish to inform our readers that the Tribune will no longer use Text Alerts, a means by which the news staff would communicate with users through text messages about such matters as breaking news, school closings, sports scores and weather notices.

Many people subscribed to the text messages, especially the breaking news texts, but the Tribune is finding more users who prefer social media outlets of Twitter and Facebook.

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Now, the best way to be the first to know about breaking news in Albert Lea is to follow @altribune on Twitter. Once a breaking news story is posted on the Tribune website, the writer tweets about what happened and provides a link.

In fact, the Albert Lea Tribune writers sometimes tweet from the scene of the breaking news by using their smartphones. Users can get snippets of action as it happens, then a full story later at the Tribune website. How cool is that?

Twitter users were the first to know who the DFL Party in the district endorsed to run against incumbent Rich Murray in House District 27A.They were the first to know about the barn fire in Alden last week, and they even got a peek at it through a photo tweeted by a reporter. Now how cool is that?

If you don’t have Twitter on your Droid or iPhone smartphone, just go to the “market” or “store” application on your phone and download, at no cost, the Twitter app.

Facebook remains popular as always. It is a place where we highlight much of our favorite content, such as profiles, photo contests, Lifestyles features, special sections, the drama of sports and so forth. If you don’t think the Tribune ever has “positive news,” you probably haven’t seen our Facebook page. It links to plenty of content about the lighter side of life.

And it offers readers a place to have some serious conversations with readers about key issues, such as gas prices, same-sex marriage and healthy dieting. It is an opinion exchange.

The Tribune has a Pinterest account that keeps gaining followers. It offers our favorite quotes and plenty of surprises.

Thanks for reading the Tribune, whether in print or online.