Editorial: Throw your hat in the ring

Published 9:07 am Monday, May 21, 2012


Tuesday marks the first day when area residents who are interested in public service can declare their candidacy for office. Although neither particularly easy or always particularly fun, serving on a city council, school board or county board can undoubtedly be a rewarding experience, and we hope there is no shortage of candidates who wish to be considered in November’s election.

American-style democracy depends utterly on citizen involvement in local government. And that begins with giving voters a choice at election time.

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Running for office can be a difficult process. Serving can also be difficult. But it is also a chance to make a difference, to see good ideas advanced and to be a steward for public funds.

Area residents who have, perhaps, thought to themselves that they are capable of making good decisions and understanding complex issues (and who has not thought so from time to time?) should seriously consider whether they are up to the commitment of serving in public office. If so, the time to begin will arrive this week.