Editorial: Thumbs

Published 6:32 am Sunday, May 20, 2012

Editorial: Thumbs

To Steve Bonine.

Congratulations go out to Steve Bonine, who was named Citizen of the Year on Tuesday during a special ceremony at Riverland Community College. We news reporters see Bonine at many emergencies, whether it is a neighborhood evacuation or a major fire or a horrible tornado outbreak. He surely deserves the honor because he doesn’t spend his time at these emergencies just chatting in front of a tragic scene like some casual onlooker. He hops to it and works hard because, clearly, he likes to help people when they need it the most.


To people breaking into cars.

We wish we could sit down with the thieves who break into cars and steal people’s belongings. This is what we would say to them: “Integrity matters far more in life than any possession you own or steal.” Anyone who thinks it is OK to steal — even the slightest little thing — apparently never learned right from wrong. Integrity is being honest and standing by morals, even when no one is watching. Integrity gets people credibility, trust and respect. These qualities get people jobs, which earns them income, so they never have to steal. Try a dose of integrity, you crooks. It’ll turn your lives around.


To the setting for the signings.

In the past, many of the ceremonies for signing letters of intent for Albert Lea High School students who receive athletic scholarships have been in the gymnasium. We think it was cool that the signing for wrestlers Trey Hable and Dalton Westerlund on Thursday was in front of the big Tiger statue in the front lobby of the school. Congrats go to Hable and Westerlund, and we look forward to more letter signings by the school mascot. That artwork is a wonderful asset to the school.