Murray toes the Republican line

Published 9:10 am Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I think many Democrats and Republicans would agree the Minnesota Legislature has been a big disappointment over the past two years. It really was a low point. We had gridlock, dysfunction, scandals and nothing much got accomplished.

State Rep. Rich Murray is part of the problem. On every vote, Mr. Rich Murray followed his party leaders. He voted for a budget that raised property taxes on homeowners, seniors and small businesses. He even voted to borrow $2.4 billion from Minnesota schools.

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If this session taught us anything, it taught that we don’t need hyper-partisan legislators who only vote the party line. That’s what got us into this mess and it certainly won’t be what gets us out.

Let’s vote out Rep. Rich Murray and elect someone who might actually think for themselves and put the interests of our community ahead of their political party.


Rose Anderson

Albert Lea