Rowdy bar crowd of 40 threatens police officers

Published 3:44 pm Monday, May 21, 2012

AUSTIN — Austin law enforcement avoided a dangerous situation Saturday morning when they were met by a crowd of roughly 40 rowdy bar-goers.

The crowd formed after an Austin police officer saw a man he thought was drunk and on probation. According to the report, Raymond Gills, 28, of Austin, heard the officer checking his probation status and fled. The officer shocked Gills with Taser near the Plaza parking lot on Second Street, which angered a nearby bar crowd. The crowd then moved into the parking lot and confronted the officer.

Seven officers, including Mower County Sheriff’s deputies, arrived to subdue everyone. According to the report, officers sprayed Mace on the ground to prevent people from charging them while an officer tended to Gills. Two others, Dimitri Williams, 24, of Albert Lea, and Spencer Carter, 29, of Stewartville, were arrested. Both men were cited for disorderly conduct and obstructing the legal process. Police also had to use a stun gun on Carter.

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Carter and Gills were taken to Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin and later placed in jail. Williams was held until sober.

Officers made no other arrests.