Stop dodging Diaz’s questions

Published 9:17 am Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Do you think that maybe the reason Kathy Diaz is asking the same questions repeatedly is due to the fact that she, and others, have not received a satisfactory answer as of this date? No, she is not the only one wanting answers regarding the case with our former city manager and the whistle-blower who admitted under oath using the city credit card for personal uses as well.

In my opinion, the silence surrounding this situation has spoken louder than anything that could be said at this point. The silence and tap dancing around the issue has answered my own questions to a certain degree, but that still does not explain why a man’s life had to be literally ripped apart in public and everyone sits back and says what? No comment? Well, I have a few comments, but I don’t think they’d publish them! Maybe Kathy Diaz would have some new information to write about if everyone would quit dodging her questions!

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Jody Johnson

Albert Lea