Watching little gray duck play soccer

Published 11:50 pm Sunday, May 27, 2012

Column: Aaron Worm, Behind the Mic

As a parent, my kids are now at ages where they are starting to get involved in youth sports and activities.

My youngest son Isaak, who is 4, was part of the Off the Wall soccer program that wrapped up recently.

Aaron Worm

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I hadn’t got a chance to watch the Gray Ducks until their final practice/game of the season, and I enjoyed every minute watching the kids run around at Roy Nystrom Arena. If you are not familiar with the program, the kids play soccer on a fake grass surface that is laid down inside the hockey rink.

Obviously at this age, it’s all about getting the kids out there running around, getting exercise and kicking the ball.

There were no set offenses or plays or anything like that.

If you wanted to know where the ball was you just followed the crowd of kids. The ball was kicked and a combination of eight to 10 gray and green shirt players would chase after it.

There was some falls, whiffed attempts on kicking the ball and some kids who were hustling so hard they could not stop until they ran into the boards of the rink.

My son Isaak followed the ball like everyone else, but made sure when running by the boards in front of us, that he waved and smiled to his parents and his older brother.

I think he was playing soccer and practicing his parade wave all at the same time.

After 15 to 20 minutes of hustling around by the future Tiger soccer players, the kids were awarded with medals for their participation in the program. I was a proud dad just to watch my son having fun, smiling and being active. If he’s got his dad’s sports genes he might never have a successful career on the field in sports, but whatever he does when it comes activities in the future, I will be proud that he is out there trying and participating.

More soccer is on the horizon for Isaak next month, as the activities merry-go-round is just beginning for our family.

For most parents there is also something going on for their kids, running them to dance class, to baseball practice, then over to a piano lesson and so on. The Worm family is just getting started.

Next year will be T-ball and then probably the addition of basketball and whatever else my boys are interested in. One of the many great things about the Albert Lea area, thanks to Community Education, the Albert Lea Family Y, the school district and other organizations, there is plenty for the local youth to be involved in. Throw in the lakes, the trails, the waterpark, golf courses, etc., Albert Lea has so much to offer to keep the youth at heart busy as well.

With it being the unofficial start to summer I wish everyone a safe and fun summer season. I don’t know if it is considered a sport or an activity, but I will be putting in a workout today over the grill. Flipping burgers is some tough work.

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