City had a role, one way or another

Published 10:27 am Thursday, June 28, 2012

I want to congratulate the mayor for whitewashing the facts again last night in response to my petition. Just because the petition said one thing doesn’t mean that the citizens did not want to know the whole truth of everything that went on. He knows everything we’ve wanted answers on.

The mayor has said that they called in someone from the state to investigate the matter. Well, the state didn’t come in on their own, they were asked by the City Council.

The Waseca County attorney didn’t come asking to file charges; the city was involved in them getting involved. How can you say you didn’t have anything to do with charges being filed? It had to start with the city leaders, so, yes, you are responsible. How about Mrs. Rhonda Moen and her ability to walk away from this scot-free? How many other employees have been using the credit card for personal use?

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Perhaps we should have the person from the state come back down and go through the credit card files for the last 10 years and see what else has been going on. What about the sweet deal you made with Mr. Greg Moen regarding his housing development? How many other people in this town would you have done that for?

Are you not filing against Mrs. Moen because she knows too much, so to speak? What’s the real honest-to-God truth? Mr. Al Brooks, shame on you for running city business and accepting a phone call regarding dropping charges in this case. You needed to tell her to put her reasons in writing so people can look at it in the future. That is just bad business in anyone’s mind.

Again, congratulations, because if someone doesn’t pick up the ball from here, you’ve gotten away with saying nothing.


Kathy Diaz

Albert Lea