Does the King finally win the crown?

Published 8:16 am Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Column: Aaron Worm, Behind the Mic

When the NBA lockout was going on last year, I think my thoughts were if they come back fine, if the entire year is canceled, big deal.

Aaron Worm

I have always been a big college basketball fan, since nothing compares to the excitement of the NCAA tournament. For some reason, the NBA has reeled me in, and has caused me some short nights of sleep, staying up to watch playoff basketball.

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The fact that the Timberwolves, led by K-Love and Ricky Rubio, have shown the future is bright has helped re-spark my interest in the NBA. Also the NBA playoffs has been chock full of close games and match-ups with the league’s biggest names.

The NBA finals kickoff off on tonight with King Lebron James and the rest of the Big 3 taking on the former Seattle Supersonics franchise, and 23-year-old Kevin Durant. I figure unless you are in Florida, or just happen to be a long time Heat fan, most of the country is pulling for the young Thunder team. I know I am pulling for Oklahoma City, even though I think at some point I do have to get over my dislike for LeBron.

Why do so many basketball fans hope for the King to fail? Obviously it goes back to the July 8, 2010, when James went on ESPN for a primetime special called “The Decision.”

Now if Lebron would have made the announcement that he was resigning with the Cleveland Cavaliers, I don’t think anyone would of knocked the hoopla and circus involved with the show.

But going on the air and letting the world know in primetime that he was leaving the city of Cleveland, a city that last had a major sports title in the 1950s, made him an overnight villain.

Is it time for me and many other Anti-James fans to get over it? Probably. One thing that was overshadowed that night was, according to, around $6 million dollars was raised for charity from the primetime special.

So does Miami win this series? I am still pulling for the Thunder, but I think the time has come for Lebron to raise the hardware. Durant, Russell Westbrook and “Fear the Beard” James Harden will get their ring at some point, but after losing in last year’s finals, James is averaging more than 30 points a game in the playoffs. And with Chris Bosh back from an injury, I think the Heat win in six.

My last question, is for fans of the former Super Sonics franchise in Seattle. Are they cheering for the Thunder? I think the wound is still fresh with the team leaving four years ago back in 2008. I think I would have a tough time with it, but since the other option is the Heat, I think I could get over it.


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