Kids are trying to figure out world

Published 10:03 am Monday, June 4, 2012


Thank you for being an advocate for children in your editorial on May 30. I wholeheartedly agree with your statement, “Quality time spent with a child teaches them that they are special and builds confidence. It is good for them to learn from various adults, not just their two parents.”

As coordinator of STARS/Community Mentor Connection, I have seen children’s lives changed for the better when they have a caring adult friend. If your readers would contact me, I would be happy to introduce them to children who are waiting and hoping for a friend. In a recent survey, 100 percent of our volunteers said they would recommend mentoring to their friends as a volunteer activity. One wrote, “Being a mentor for (child’s name) has been one of the most positive and rewarding experiences of my life.” For more information, contact me at 507-383-5272 or

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Carolyn Smith

program coordinator

STARS/Community Mentor Connection