Murray is part of the problem

Published 10:20 am Monday, June 11, 2012


In a recent article, our state representative, Mr. Rich Murray, criticized the “lack of leadership” at the State Capitol and his disappointment in the “extremes of both parties.” But in reviewing just a small part of his voting record, it seems to me he is part of that extreme.

On just the budget votes alone, he never once, not once, voted against the extremes in his own Republican Party. Many of these votes were not in the interest of our community. He voted to borrow billions from our schools and then voted to eliminate the homestead credit, which raised property taxes disproportionately on Greater Minnesota. He even voted in committee to limit township and county zoning rights. These things are not helpful to the rural area he claims to represent.

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If the problem in St. Paul is legislators voting too much with the “extremes” in their party, then Mr. Murray is part of the problem. His voting record proves it. Thank you.


Bob Haas

Albert Lea