Rep. Murray clearly is for education

Published 9:46 am Tuesday, June 5, 2012


In response to Ms. Robin Brown’s May 25th letter to the editor, “Murray votes against education.” Calling Rep. Rich Murray and the Republicans “anti-education” is ridiculous and here are four examples:

1. Rep. Murray voted to repay the additional 10 percent shift that was used to balance the budget and make the first down payment on the $2 billion debt left by the DFL-controlled Legislature, which governor Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed.

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2. Rep. Murray also voted in transferring oversight of school land trusts away from Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to maximize revenue for our school children.

3. The Republican Legislature passed a bill to require teachers to pass the basic skills test, as well as a new alternative licensure program that will allow career professionals to become teachers.

4. Rep. Murray voted in favor of allowing school administrators to consider teacher’s job performance and not just years of service when making lay off decisions.

In her letter, Ms. Brown stated that the Republicans introduced 22 pieces of anti-teacher legislation and cuts to education. Do you think Ms. Brown would be willing to identify these so we could be informed?


Katie Jacobsen

Albert Lea