Trinity Lutheran Church Women

Published 9:11 am Friday, June 29, 2012

The Trinity Lutheran Church Women hosted their annual Pioneer Day luncheon at noon on June 6.

The theme of the luncheon was “Expressions of Praise.” The decorations followed the theme.

The women were welcomed by co-chairwoman Bev Jackson Cotter. Jackson Cotter gave the group some informational data from the Trinity Archives about Mission Circles. The circles were organized in 1890. At this time, dues were 10 cents and in 1925 were raised to 15 cents. The older women of the church, age of 70, were retired from circles. Dues were paid only if you attended the meetings. In 1924, English was used and previously it was all in Danish.

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Jackson Cotter introduced the Rev. Marcia Hall who gave the table prayer.

The co-chairwomen of the event were: Karen Nelsen and Nanci Jensen. A delicious lunch was prepared by the Deborah and Eunice Circles under the direction of Greg Anderson. The co-chairwomen are: Adeline Beidermann Virginia Plantage, Doris Hansen and Marlene Wright.

Jan Drews introduced the Program “Expressions of Praise,” and a Christian dance team from Our Father’s House performed. It is a Bible-based program showing the purpose of flags, streamers and tambourines. Psalms : 149-3 says “Let them praise with dancing and make music to him with tambourine and harp.”

The signal flag is a central point to rally or inform people concerning some common action such as a call to assemble, or a signal that a battle was to begin. Secondly, the tambourine is an instrument of praise to God.

The dance team members are Karen Johnsrud, Cynthia Manuel, Julaine Johnson, Melody Randall and Linda Beiser.

Beiser ended the program by playing the auto harp and singing a song to the tune of “Beautiful Saviour” and all joined in. The sound technician is Fran Thompson. The women danced with streamers, flags and tambourines. Drews thanked the ladies and the group closed with the Lord’s Prayer recited by all.