3 Minnesotans find needles in airline sandwiches

Published 9:34 am Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MINNEAPOLIS — Sandwiches served to three Minnesotans were among five found with needles on board Delta Air Lines flights.

Jim Tonjes of Plymouth and Jack Drogt of St. Paul say they found sewing needles in their sandwiches on their flight to Minneapolis Sunday.  Drogt’s 16-year-old son, William, also found a needle in his turkey sandwich.

Tonjes said that he felt a sharp poke in his mouth when he bit into his sandwich. He figured it was a toothpick, but instead pulled out a 1-inch needle that punctured the roof of his mouth. Tonjes was interviewed by the FBI and spent several hours in a hospital emergency room.

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Two other needles were found, one on a second flight to Atlanta and another on a flight to Seattle.