Editorial: Thumbs

Published 3:20 pm Saturday, July 21, 2012

Editorial: Thumbs

To the Albert Lea Legion baseball team.
Good job, Tigers, for clinching the first seed in the regional playoffs for American Legion baseball. The team captured the top spot by beating Rochester Century by a single run on Thursday at Hayek Field in Albert Lea. Top seed means home-field advantage. Just about anyone in Albert Lea prefers to see our team at our ballpark, rather than travel afar, so we assume the fans thank you, too. We wish the Tigers good luck in the playoffs and hope they make it to state again this year.

To senseless violence.

The shooting of people in a movie theater in Colorado is particularly disturbing because the victims appear to be absolute random strangers to the killer. Even in senseless school or workplace shootings, the killers knew or somewhat knew their victims, so motives came from outrage or retribution or perceived slights. With the shooting in the movie theater, a motive is especially difficult to grasp, making the senseless violence seem even more bewildering and puzzling. Our hearts go out to the 12 people who were killed and 50-some people who were injured.

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To Wind Down Wednesday.
People were downtown before the thunderstorm. Then they dispersed. Then people were downtown again after the storm ceased. Weather aside, we would have to say that Wind Down Wednesday went rather well. We look forward to the next one on Aug. 15, and we hope eventually they can become common on Wednesdays in Albert Lea during the summer months.