Don’t be swayed by scare tactics

Published 9:19 am Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I’ve heard these arguments come up quite frequently in response to marriage equality lately:

• It’s against God’s plan.

• It’s unnatural.

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• They come from the dregs of society.

• It will lead to incest, bestiality and polygamy.

• They’re free to marry, just like anyone else.

• It will lead to the breakdown of society.

• They can’t procreate.

• The Founding Fathers wouldn’t have approved.

• It will degrade traditional marriage.

• Laws against it have never been declared unconstitutional.

• They suffer higher rates of disease.

• It’s detrimental to their children.

Sound familiar? I’m sure you’ve all heard them, too. Quite possibly many of you have spouted them or used them in arguments. Except in this case, every single one of those points are arguments against interracial marriage, listed in court rulings throughout the country spanning 1948-1967. We now see the scare tactics from opponents of interracial marriage as just that — scare tactics. Not a single point has come to fruition, and we look back in shame at that era.

Don’t let Minnesota 2012 become the new Virginia 1967.


Lisa Semple