Editorial: Thumbs

Published 6:39 am Sunday, July 15, 2012

Editorial: Thumbs

To the turnout at the benefit for Bob Sturtz.

If you weren’t there, you might have missed the social event of the summer. Many people turned out Friday night at Green Lea Golf Course to show their support for Bob and Lisa Sturtz and to enjoy seeing Bob’s friendly face after missing him for several months. Bob suffered a stroke in the Boundary Waters in late March. He is a lawyer who is a partner in the downtown firm of Goldman, Sturtz & Halvorsen. A great time was had by all.


To failing to stop at stop signs.

It is unknown exactly why the driver of a van carrying children to a canoe outing failed to stop Tuesday morning, causing so much sadness, but we couldn’t help but notice anytime we drove around the area this week how frequently drivers roll through stop signs. We even noticed a straight truck on Wednesday completely blow through a sign at the four-way stop for Front and Pearl streets in Albert Lea when no other cars were at the intersection. There probably isn’t any sure-fire way to change the habits of bad drivers, but we can say this to all the good drivers: Proceed with caution.


To the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

This is exactly what the people who live on Geneva Lake are saying: How is it that the DNR stocked Geneva Lake with northern pike following the fish kill about five years ago but then left the lake so shallow, making the water susceptible to heat and thus killing the temperature-sensitive northerns? The dam has a variable-crest dam, so it can be raised, yet the big prairie lake has been left shallower, according to locals, than it used to be with the old fixed-crest dam. People want their water back. The DNR should oblige.