Local psychologist presents about transforming negativity

Published 2:48 pm Saturday, July 21, 2012

Psychologist David Larson of Triumph Leadership Training recently spoke at the Annual Society for Human Resource Management Conference in Atlanta, Ga., June 23 to 27. Larson and his business partner Kate Sholonski presented an eight-hour training called “Transforming Workplace Negativity into Positive Relationships.” More than 14,000 human relations specialists from 80 countries attended the conference. Other speakers included Condoleezza Rice, Jerry Seinfeld and Tom Brokaw.

Kate Sholonski and David Larson

Larson and Sholonski are widely known for their spirited and engaging workshops, which generate in-depth learning for conferences and businesses throughout the United States and Jamaica. Their unique approach to bringing stability and enhanced productivity to organizations through their creative learning strategies makes them highly desirable presenters and educators.

Larson and Sholonski will be introducing their anti-bullying programs to the Austin school district beginning Aug. 28. Their book, ”Wide Awake,” released this past spring, steers readers to peaceful and fulfilled lives by guiding them on how to invest three minutes a day to change their lives.

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