Local woman to compete in pageant

Published 9:11 am Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sherry Westland of Albert Lea is the 2012 Senior Mrs. United States and will be competing in the International Global United Pageant in August with accomplished women from all over the world. The Global United Pageant, which will be held in St. Paul is a personality and community service pageant raising funds for children with cancer. This is an issue close to her. Westland has a half-sister who is battling cancer, as well as an aunt who has survived breast cancer.

Sherry Westland

“Women become involved in pageants for various reasons,” said Westland. “I think of it as allowing me, as a title holder to have a stronger voice to champion my platform. A sash and crown shine light on women who are positive role models and who can speak out for those who can’t.”

There are several opportunities for the community to become involved in helping Westland with the pageant week: a party for children at the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital, blanket tying for the hospital, a drive for a performing arts theater and the hero and princess boxes are all programs that will be happening over the course of the pageant. Westland adds “We will have a great opportunity to bring a little distraction from daily routine at the hospital to the children and their siblings. We will be giving out gifts and blankets, hosting a party and spreading cheer. If you would like to help us bring joy to these children, we need many different items from our wish list.”

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Some of the items include clear tape, streamers/balloons, crayons, markers, color books, inexpensive solid color flips flops (sizes baby to adult, some patients may be up to age 20), candy sprinkles (in pastels and bold colors), solid fabrics in one yard or longer, gift cards to grocery stores (they will be providing snacks), stuffed animals, books, any fun little toys (like pencils, erasers, toy cars, Chinese finger traps, key chains etc.). They also need polar fleece (2 to 4 yards) for blanket tying. Any and all donations are welcome. This is going to be a great party hosted by Global United Queens and Isaac’s Journey. Westland notes, “The less we personally have to purchase for the event, the more money we can give to our charities.”

Silent Auction items are also needed and welcome. All funds raised go to Isaac’s Journey and the University of Minnesota Children’s Cancer Research Program.

One of Global United Pageant’s ongoing projects is to send out princess and hero boxes throughout the year to children with cancer. If you know of a little boy or girl who is fighting cancer, please let me know and they would love to send them a treat box filled with goodies! (Donations for these boxes are also welcome. Such as items listed above, plus tutus, princess crowns, jewelry, hero action figures, plastic police/fireman/army hats, etc.)

If you would like to invite Westland to attend one of your events, or if you would like to donate to the pageant week’s event and drives, please contact her at joyfulnfun1@yahoo.com.

For more information about the Global United Pageant see http://www.globalunitedpageant.com