Mass immigration cause of U.S. woe

Published 8:43 am Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Is the United States a place or a people?

Of course, the answer is that we are a people, a community of like-minded individuals pursuing national goals.

Its citizens through a constitution have chosen to be a republic using democracy as the governing process.

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The coming together of mass immigration (legal, illegal, refugees, etc.) and our system of governing ourselves, if not quickly dealt with, will result in the demise of the nation we know.

The reason is that a census and governing process that fails to distinguish between citizens and non-citizens implies money and representation will increasingly flow from citizens to non-citizens.

Thus, the consequence of our current mass-immigration policies is the crumbling foundations of this nation; literally the replacement of a people by foreigners.

Using democratic processes, the massive increases in foreign populations implies they will reflect their own background, culture and utilize the self-governing process to change existing structures and institutions.

Indeed, high immigration states are now able to control local cities and have significant influence on national policies, and, soon, by the next presidential election, have the ability to select the president and control representation in many high population states.

Such irony: Although citizens strongly disagree, today some in authority propose to amnesty those who intend to replace existing Americans.


Paul Westrum

Albert Lea