Murray working on tax legislation

Published 10:09 am Thursday, July 19, 2012

I warned about lies and half truths and Ryan Furlong’s canned letter that was probably sent to every Republican legislator’s home newspaper with just the names and school district changed is a perfect example. The heading on the letter is a lie; though state Rep. Rich Murray was not a member of the negotiating team with the governor on the budget, there were negotiations with give and take on both sides. The governor and senior Democratic leaders negotiated for the Democrats, and there was give and take, and the governor signed the budget deal. So I assume that Mr. Furlong will be writing this same letter about Gov. Mark Dayton if he runs again since he had 100 times more power than Rich Murray had in these negations.

Mr. Furlong believes we can budget like Greece without the same consequences, which I believe is a lie. The teacher layoffs are a half truth. They were sent notices, but many will be called back when enrolment numbers are determined. The insinuation must be that declining enrolment is Rich’s fault: If Rich had had more kids and grandkids, then we would need more teachers? Rich and the Republicans tried to repay the schools money so schools wouldn’t have to issue bonds to get their money, but the governor vetoed it for political purposes, so Mr. Furlong could write these letters.

Democrats applaud the Supreme Court ruling that states can’t pass immigration laws or force the federal government to enforce theirs law, but think states can control international trade? I would be interested in knowing where the 95 percent number comes from on property taxes as I have not seen it before. I assume property taxes have gone up for years to pay increased cost of city and county government and somehow without this change they would have not gone up. Again, another half truth. Rich is working on a plan to deal with some of the shortfalls of the property tax plan and will introduce legislation in the next session.

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John Forman

Albert Lea