Murray’s school vote was pandering

Published 9:04 am Friday, July 20, 2012

Many Minnesotans, as well as many Americans, voted in 2010 for Republicans because people were not happy with the job situation. Republicans, to their credit, campaigned on jobs, jobs, jobs, but what a difference a few months makes. Republicans across the country including Minnesota introduced bills in the legislatures to do anything and everything except create jobs. In January and February of 2011 Rich Murray voted against reduced spending on higher education, services for the disabled and state government.

But again, what a difference a few months makes: Mr. Murray voted for cutting the state workforce by 15 percent, reduced spending for rapid transit and banning any spending on intercity rail projects. He also voted for things that have nothing to do with jobs, jobs, jobs. All of these things would cut jobs, not create any.

The Republicans including Rich Murray voted to borrow funds from our schools to “balance the budget.” They then voted to use the extra monies received during the biennium to “repay” the schools even though state law prohibits repayment of loans before putting the money into the state reserve fund to replenish it. This maneuver was simply to embarrass Gov. Mark Dayton and the Democrats who preferred to do what state law requires rather than pandering to whomever the Republicans are pandering to — could it be the Tea Party? They even voted to eliminate the homestead deduction that many homeowners rely on to keep our taxes low. How did that work out?

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Shannon Savick, however, would work tirelessly for the middle class by working to provide more funding for our schools and higher education to prepare Minnesota for the 21st century jobs that will be created once this recession ends. She also wants to work on tax reform because in Minnesota the middle class pays a higher tax rate than some in the much higher salary ranges. We need a state representative who will work for us, the vast majority of people who actually create jobs through our purchasing power. Let’s get back to the work of creating jobs by electing a person who believes in the middle class and will work for us. Shannon Savick for Minnesota state representative in District 27A.


Patti Kimble