Obama wants to strangle business

Published 9:53 am Thursday, July 26, 2012


I would like to respond to the letter to the editor by Norma Ruud of July 13. While I respect the office of the president, I cannot support a man who, with the support of his far-left liberal friends, forced Obamacare upon American citizens. I do not know how anyone over the age of 60 can support a man and party who has cut Medicare by $500 billion, who supports limiting care to the elderly, who supports panels of “non-medical experts,” who will decide what type of care and treatment you are qualified for, not you and your doctor.

Obama is by far the most unqualified and perhaps most dangerous president this country has had in my lifetime. He is hellbent on establishing a European-style socialism in this country.

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I cannot support a president who has the gall to state that “no small business could be successful without the assistance of the government.” Such a statement is asinine and shows Obama’s contempt for the self-employed. I have spent my whole life as an entrepreneur. To succeed takes a lot of common sense, determination and hard work. Rather than help and support our efforts government does its best to make life difficult. Under the present government’s anti-business stance, I would never consider opening a new business or expanding an existing one.

Just who does Obama think has paid the taxes that build the roads, bridges and infrastructure that allows commerce to function? The taxpaying citizens, that’s who. If there were no taxpaying citizens, and there would be no government. Obama proposes to bring manufacturing jobs back to this country, but his jobs czar, Jeffery Imelt, CEO of General Electric, is closing GE plants in this country and moving them to China.

Regulations and taxes are strangling American business. Why do you think so many companies are moving their operations overseas? Current corporate taxes are the highest in the world.

Lower corporate taxes and eliminate many of the excessive rules and regulations that are stifling business at all levels city, county, state and national and watch business boom. With the taxes hidden in Obamacare and other proposed taxes the middle class is looking at the greatest tax increase in this countries history.

One must understand that the truly rich will always find a way to avoid taxes, even if it requires them to move their businesses and funds overseas. France just dramatically raised taxes on their rich. The response is a mass exodus of jobs and wealth out of France. No, the burden of tax increases will, as always, will be paid by the middle class.

While I respect the office of the president, I have no respect for the current resident of the White House. I would suggest that all Democrats take a real hard look at the direction Obama is leading this country before voting for him.


Don Sorensen

Albert Lea