Savick wants to restore credit

Published 9:02 am Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I feel I must respond to a recent letter by John Forman. He states he hasn’t heard what positive things opponents of Mr. Rich Murray’s would do if elected to the state Legislature.

Well, one of his opponents is Shannon Savick. I know for sure Shannon will work hard to restore the homestead credit Mr. Murray voted to take away from us. If you are a homeowner, your real estate taxes most likely will go up even if your local taxing authority did not raise their tax levy. Your credit was taken away by a legislative vote Mr. Murray voted in favor of.

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Another thing Shannon Savick would do is work hard to restore money to the state fire safety account. This is money our local fire departments and first responders use for training. Especially for our rural fire departments, this money is vital, yet Mr. Murray voted to raid this account. Shannon Savick has been an elected official in small town government and understands the importance of funds for rural areas.

Go to to learn more and join me in November to vote Shannon Savick our state representative.


Bob Haas

Albert Lea