Where is respect for the president?

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I’ve been reading the news and letters and noticed the Republicans are trying to blame President Barack Obama for everything. I recall it was a mess when he got in and he could not work with the Republicans as they refused. This mess is a big one and won’t be settled in a few years, and one fellow in his letter said Obama was a dictator. Look again, sir! Who was it who wanted their way so bad that they refused to work with him at all? Give them the power again, and we will have a dictatorship. It scares me.

I’m 83 years old and always been interested in politics and have never seen such disrespect for our president before.

We had elections and disagreed before, but afterward they always worked together for the good of the country. I hope my country can be that way again soon.

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Norma Ruud

Albert Lea