Young thieves getting bolder

Published 10:05 am Thursday, July 19, 2012

I am writing this letter out of pure frustration. This frustration comes from our youth and their parents within our community.

It all began on July 11, when a neighborhood friend of my little brother came to our home. He told us that he had seen someone riding my brother’s bicycle. Mind you this bike was in a great grandmother’s screened-in porch. Upon hearing this, my mother, the boys and I hopped in the car and drove to where the bike was last seen. Wouldn’t you know it? Here is a young boy in front of the house riding it around. When he was approached, he told us it was his bike. We told the “suspected youth” that we have the serial number and proceeded to call the police department. Boy, did his story change then.

All of a sudden, someone had given him the bike, and he didn’t know who. After the officer came, the “suspected youth” stuck to his guns with his story of someone giving him the bike. (I do not know anyone in their right mind who would give someone a $500 bike.) The officer told us because he is a juvenile and there is no proof that he stole it there was nothing he could do. Long story short, we have the bike back in our custody.

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I just cannot understand why parents would not question their children upon seeing new things — things that they know they didn’t pay for. It is a sad day when young thieves get away with no consequences. How are our youth going to learn with bad decisions come consequences? Even if this youth did not steal the bike, was he not in possession of stolen property? Where is the justice!


Crystal Hamson

Albert Lea