Abortion about having a choice

Published 8:54 am Friday, August 31, 2012

George Carlin and me are stunned.

The conservatives talk so much about how much they are concerned about the fetus. It seems as though they are concerned from conception to birth and that’s it. After the fetus is born, it’s on its own. They don’t want to feed it, clothe it, house it, give it medical care or pay for its schooling.

But once it turns 18, they want to put a gun in its hands and ask it to go give its life for its country. The conservatives talk about the liberals being pro-choice.

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This doesn’t mean they think abortion is right. Nobody thinks it is right. It means they don’t want to have to make this decision for someone else. This decision belongs between the mother and her doctor. The mother and the doctor usually have enough common sense to come to a just decision.


Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea