Disc golf will ruin pristine park

Published 9:40 am Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I was one of the members of the community that attended the council meeting Aug. 13, with the purpose of presenting our concerns about the changes taking place in what we all have known as Bancroft or Coney Island Park.

As a member of this community, during the time of the transformation of this area to a beautiful home and protective space for the many birds and waterfowl, and a serene, pristine and safe path for walkers, I was appalled at the lack of knowledge, history and concern for this area displayed by the current council.

I remember distinctly that the grant agreement achieved back at the time of purchase, was a laborious and time consuming project that ultimately resulted in this area being designated as a nature park which was partially funded by the federal government and administrated by the state.

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So, what happened? I understand the original grant agreement cannot be located at city hall, and, at the moment, we can only rely on newspaper articles etc., from that era. However, with the federal and state governments involved, one could only assume that an original copy could be obtained.

The city manager indicated that the park has been designated for passive, outdoor recreation. When and by whom? Apparently, he feels that disc golf is passive! I’m wondering if anyone getting hit in the head or elsewhere with a flying disc would agree.

The first area designated for disc golf didn’t seem to be too threatening to the original purpose of the area, and I fully respect the interest people have for this sport. However, the current addition and construction is clearly devastating, not only to the wildlife, shrubs, trees and bushes, but to the safety of the people who walk there.

It seems to me the community should have had some input regarding a decision of this magnitude, and an opportunity for a referendum and an honest and in-depth research of the ramifications of such a decision.


Deanne Winegar

Albert Lea