Teaching gun safety may be a solution

Published 10:12 am Monday, August 27, 2012

I see the anti-gunners are once again pandering to the uninformed and the fearful. There are at this time over 20,000 gun laws on our books. Criminals really don’t care because they have a total disregard for the law. Crime in the U.S. has gone down in every state after handgun carry reform has passed allowing law abiding citizens to carry. Possibly fewer lives would have been lost if the law-abiding citizens would not have adhered to the rule of no guns allowed in the theater and used legal firearms against a madman. I have been in the firearms trade since 1977, and we legal dealers have always registered every firearm except black powder. Yes, we do the same at gun shows. Since President Clinton, we federal firearms licensed dealers call the National Criminal Check System, part of the FBI, and check every gun, new or used, handgun or long gun. All gun sales go through a background check. You have to have a special permit to buy a handgun or any military style rifle and still have an FBI background check. There is no law that can be enacted to prevent disaster. The first man was murdered with a stone and we have been doing the same ever since. Possibly the best solution is to teach gun safety in school. Not pro, not con — just honest safety. It seems, (I may be wrong) most of these madmen are seeing head doctors or are on some mind-altering drug. Perhaps all people who see head doctors and are on prescribed mind drugs should be registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives so they can be refused firearms. Doctors who fail to alert law enforcement and have a patient go “off the deep end” would be accountable and put out of business. Fewer people would lose their jobs this way than stopping gun productions, which employs thousands and thousands of people. Perhaps we should all return to God and the teachings of Jesus with this, I know we can become a better society. Or would this offend?


Milan Hart

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Albert Lea