County choice was a good one

Published 3:45 pm Saturday, September 15, 2012

I am writing about an editorial that was in the paper last week when you complained about three of our commissioners, Mr. Dan Belshan, Mr. Jim Nelson and Mr. Mike Lee. I feel they should be praised and many more think so.

First, they had the courage to get the construction project off the table and going. I understand by previous articles each company has agreed to help pay on the certain items they wanted. That’s a plus moving forward together; they now can get plans to start whenever they choose.

You also stated if I recall correctly that Kwik Trip would employ 35 to 40 people and Hy-Vee was adding to their stores and needs several more employees. I would call that another plus — more jobs.

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You also stated the dollar amount of investment for Kwik Trip. We know the dollar spent by Hy-Vee to enlarge the store gas bay will be a sizable amount.

Here again increased tax money for the county and city sure are a plus.

As far as I can see these three commissioners have gained much praise for getting this construction project going and planning to move forward. Plus, they are working together to achieve their goal.

Also I think our city council needs to work with the business on their goofy city design and money is tight. If they get to spend some, give it to the Salvation Army to help the ones that need help.

I and many others think the commissioners move forward has many pluses.


Don Koch