Editorial: Thumbs

Published 6:09 am Sunday, September 30, 2012

Editorial: Thumbs

To Albert Lea High School spirit.

The students at Albert Lea High showed great school spirit this week — Homecoming Week — by wearing all kinds of fun clothing to school, crowning a royal court and throwing a fantastic pep rally. A group of girls even formed an impromptu cheer squad to keep fans excited at Friday’s football game. We really have noticed more students at sports events this year, and we hope that school spirit continues to shine through the school year.


To vandalism.

Damaging someone else’s property is widely considered a displacement of anger and discontent. Thus, Don Wheat, whose business was targeted by a vandal with an airsoft gun this week, was absolutely correct when he said: “It’s very destructive and shows some really bad upbringing.” People need to cooperate with the authorities and help the police solve this crime spree. It’s plain frustrating not just for the police but for the safety of the whole population that people would protect vandals. Do the right thing.


To Larry and Maurine McGill.

The story in last Monday’s paper of the marriage of Larry McGill and Maurine Larson warmed our hearts. The groom is 93, and the bride is 90. They both are residents of Thorne Crest Retirement Community, and the ceremony took place at the Thorne Crest chapel. It just shows that love takes the reins no matter what age a person is.