Obama’s debt weakens country

Published 8:34 am Thursday, September 13, 2012

President Barack Obama has borrowed more money than all other presidents combined. This in less than four years! From his early stimulus plan, which proved to be largely political payoffs and little stimulus, putting us, as it were, on a speeding freight train toward ultimate destruction over a cliff.

Our country, our children and grandchildren, cannot sustain a $16 trillion indebtedness  that continues to grow as fast as the national debt clock can turn, or as fast as paper money can be printed. It won’t be long when nearly half of what we borrow will go back into paying off the interest on our astronomical debt. Actually our overall indebtedness is $120 trillion, what with borrowing from Social Security and Medicare funds and other funds that will have to be paid back.

When one or two nations, from whom we secure loans, such as China, refuse to loan any more money, it will leave our government scrambling for more money, the Federal Reserve will print more and more money, inflation will skyrocket, and the dollar could well lose three-fourths to nine-tenths of its value.

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We will be a severely weakened nation among some growing military and financial giants, and we will have no resources to defend ourselves, from such ominous things as electro-magnetic pulse attack, which could shut down for years the electro-power grids of our nation, all computers and computer-operated machines, such as our own cars, trucks and tractors. Under such extreme conditions, particularly without clean fresh water and food, nine out of 10 may die and we will be vulnerable to foreign invasions.


Monrad Mandsager

Albert Lea