Savick will fight for what’s right

Published 12:42 pm Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I had the good fortune of speaking with Shannon Savick on four occasions. Savick is not your typical politician, just a very strong, intelligent woman who wants to make a difference in southern Minnesota. Savick is a straight shooter who answers questions in an honest manner. She grew up in Bricelyn and eventually came back to the area to settle in Wells. In between, she broke some glass ceilings working in the technology industry, which was dominated by men at the time. After living in Wells a short time, she was elected onto the City Council, and then became the mayor of Wells.

As mayor, Savick did not act like a typical politician; she worked to compromise and settle disputes (not polarize and argue). I urge you to hear Savick speak. You will get to hear that she values education and attributes education to her success in business. She knows what it’s like to come from very little and to sacrifice for her family. Savick has ideas to bring jobs to the area and strengthen our small towns.

I also have had the good fortune of speaking with Rep. Rich Murray and listening to him on at least three occasions. Murray is a very likeable guy but very much a politician. He says he supports education but has great difficulty committing full support for educational issues, often stating that he is partially supportive, but cannot commit full support because of simple wording or numbers. He is a politician who I feel adheres to the limits imposed by his party.

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Savick is not your traditional politician. Savick will speak and fight for us. She has the strength to stand up to her party if necessary to speak up for her constituants. She also has the humility to compromise and reach out across party lines.

Angie Hanson

Albert Lea