33-year-old Hormel worker convicted of felony ID theft

Published 9:45 am Tuesday, October 16, 2012

AUSTIN — After illegally working at Hormel since 2007, according to court documents, a 33-year-old man has been convicted of felony identity theft.

Caltzontzin Gonzalez-Alonso, 33, was convicted of that charge and sentenced to five years’ unsupervised probation Monday in Mower County District Court — if he is not deported.

Regardless, he must cooperate with the Department of Corrections. A felony charge for forgery with intent to defraud was dismissed Monday.

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Police arrested Caltzontzin Gonzalez-Alonso on Sept. 12 after Mayo officials discovered that someone had been receiving care under the name of a deceased person.

According to the court complaint, Gonzalez-Alonso had used the name Francisco Nanez Jr. at Mayo and had an outstanding bill of $698.50.

A detective found Gonzalez-Alonso at Hormel on Sept. 12, wearing a hardhat with the name Nanez.

According to the complaint, a detective confronted Gonzalez-Alonso with the Nanez ID, and Gonzalez-Alonso admitted that is not his name. Gonzalez allegedly told detectives he used Nanez’s ID and Social Security number to gain employment at Hormel. Nanez died in Missouri in 2008.

Police searched and found a Mexico Matricula card, Mexican license and bank cards under the name Gonzalez, along with a Hormel ID under the name Nanez.