Americans should stand up for their Christianity

Published 10:25 am Saturday, October 13, 2012

Across the Pastor’s Desk

By the Rev. George Marin, Grace Christian Church

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance.” Psalms 33:12. The Holy word of God, the Bible, declares “blessed” is the nation whose God is the Lord. The definition of blessed in Webster’s Dictionary is: of or enjoying happiness; specifically: enjoying the bliss of heaven.

Is this what comes to mind when you think of our country, America? Are we truly happy in our nation as a whole? Granted, the political season may seem ugly and divisive, but aside from that, are we really happy and enjoying the bliss of heaven as a nation? I think not. Sure, we are the wealthiest nation on earth. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave. We enjoy the independence for which so many gave their lives. But, are we truly happy and can we say we are enjoying the bliss of heaven? I don’t think so.

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It is interesting that the Bible declares “blessed is the nation.” There is no particular name given to that nation, so it could be any nation with people that would enjoy the bliss of heaven based on one very specific point, “Whose God is the Lord.” Here is where things get a little sticky. The blessing promised in the scripture is not promised to just anyone. This blessing is completely allotted for the nations or people whose God is the Lord. The reference to Lord (all capital letters used) is a specific reference to Jehovah God, not just any god. There is no blessing reserved for the nation whose god is not Jehovah. Now, I understand that this theological position will not be popular nor well received by many, but that is the position of the Holy Bible. It is the understanding to which true believers hold.

Israel and America have been founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Israel came out of one man, Abraham, whom Jehovah called from being an idol worshipper to a worshipper of Jehovah. America in its origin was based on the same principle. Some are doing their best to rewrite American history, saying we are a country founded upon “freedom from religion” or that we were founded upon the “freedom of religion” because in America we could worship any god or no god at all. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our founding fathers were believers in this one true God, Jehovah, and his son, the Lord Jesus Christ. When you read the writings of our founding fathers you will read their love and devotion to God. You will read how they prayed and fasted for very specific wording to be laid out in our founding documents. They were devoted Bible students, people of prayer, fasting and allegiance to the one true God, Jehovah. Yes, they did have many faults, however they did get this one thing absolutely correct — they understood the nation who followed, obeyed and walked in the principles of Jehovah God would be divinely blessed.

Today we have national, state and sometimes local leaders who haven’t a clue what it is to pay allegiance to this one true God. It is evident in their choices made on our behalf that they are not aware of what our founding fathers paid to lay the foundation well and strategically chart the course for us as a nation. Our current president has made it one of his top priorities to align these great United States with nations whose foundations have everything but allegiance to Jehovah, who persecute Christians or have outlawed Christianity. This is not a political statement, it is a statement of fact. Our current president made it his point in one speech to completely mock Christianity and the Bible, and in another speech on foreign soil, declared that America is no longer a Christian nation. This is not a good thing. This is a sad declaration!

What America needs more than anything else is a revival of repentance and a return to our roots of allegiance to God! Our answers will not be found in a Republican, Democratic or Independent candidate. The true answers to our deepest concerns and problems as a nation will be found only in the lordship of Jesus the Christ.

We have turned from God and his true teachings in so many ways, yet God has never ceased to pursue us as a people. That is his way! When we have turned our back on God in allowing many of the policies of our nation that do not reflect his love and respect for his people, he continues to speak to us from his word. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. God is calling America back to him! God is wooing America to return to its first love and come in to full fruition of his heavenly blessings.

I believe the only reason Jehovah God has not yet removed his hand of protection totally from our country is because he is a loving and patient God. He is slow to anger, and his mercies are new every morning. He still has a remnant in this country. There are still people that seek him, cry out to him and seek to follow his precepts. I am calling to the remnant of God present in this great country today. Stand up for your faith. Do not be silent nor private about your faith. Live your lives boldly as believers, unashamed of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to save them that believe. God bless you, and may God bless America!