Baseball playoffs were thrilling this year

Published 8:55 am Thursday, October 25, 2012

Column: Scott Schmeltzer, Thanks for Listening

Play ball!

On April 5, I wrote in my column about the World Series outcome: “It’ll be the Tigers over Phillies in six.”

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I also mentioned that the “MVP will be Justin Verlander.”

Well, I was wrong about the Phillies, but I will still stay with my early prediction of the Detroit Tigers in six. The San Francisco Giants will be the victim instead. We will see how I do on the MVP.

The World Series started last night and will be the culmination of an amazing end of the season and playoff push that had Texas, Baltimore, Oakland, Washington, St. Louis and the Yankees all looking like contenders for a ring until Detroit and San Francisco came out on top.

I have not remembered a better playoff season in baseball in quite a few years. The World Series is always very nostalgic to me as I am a huge baseball fan. I remember growing up and watching the Big Red Machine (Cincinnati Reds) led by Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan and Pete Rose.

Then Reggie Jackson, Thurman Munson and the Bronx Zoo (New York Yankees) had their time. Nobody will ever forget the “We Are Family” Pittsburgh Pirates led by Willie Stargell and also the World Series-winning Detroit Tigers led by Jack Morris, Alan Trammel and Kirk Gibson.

Speaking of Jack Morris, this Minnesota native pitched what I consider the greatest baseball game ever when he won the World Series title for our own Minnesota Twins in 1991, a team that, only a couple of years before in 1987, blew the roof off the Metrodome with an improbable title led by Kirby Puckett, Frank Viola and Kent Hrbek, winning all the home games.

I still have my Homer Hankies. Do you? Ah, memories. Enjoy the games.

Now, to football

A weird year!

This NFL football season is a weird one. No one team has risen to the top. Before the season started, every one of the so-called experts was picking San Francisco, Denver, New York Giants, my Green Bay Packers or the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl.

We are two months into the season and every one of these teams has faltered. The Minnesota Vikings, who most thought would only win about four games all year, have put together a darn good year and are 5-2.

Solid defense and a great running year from Adrian Petersen are showing people the Vikings are real. (Do not think it does not hurt to write that.)

But I call it like I see it, and the Vikes have played good ball. I do think that my Packers will start to play better soon as the last couple weeks the offense has been coming around, but losing Charles Woodson and a few other quality players is not going to help matters any.

So who looks good so far? Atlanta and Houston have been playing about the best this year, but it really is anyone’s league to take over in the second half. So far, any team that looks to be the best team loses to someone they probably should not. I think this will make for an exciting and fun second half.


Trick or treat!

Happy Halloween.

Please remember that on Halloween night to drive slower, watch with a keener eye and pay attention to the little ones running from door to door because our future leaders are going to be trick or treating. I will start the not any rain or snow dance right now so all the kiddos will have a fun night and not have to put a costume on over a snowsuit.

Have fun, be safe and have a flashlight with you because it is getting darker now.


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