Child on bus needs discipline

Published 10:46 am Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tell me — what was Brooks (Blue Earth bus driver) supposed to do to stop the horrible behavior of that 6-year-old child? She was unable to get assistance of any kind. Should she have allowed this disruptive behavior to continue to the point it may have distracted her enough to cause an accident?

Maybe she shouldn’t have slapped him, but maybe as she allegedly said, “Maybe that’s what he needed.” What he needs badly, and obviously he is not getting, is discipline at home and to be taught to listen to and obey those who are in charge.

I sincerely hope this child has been suspended from riding the bus and Brook’s situation is looked at closely and fairly and charges rightly dropped. Perhaps volunteers are needed to ride along on the buses. Obviously something needs to be done since this is not the first incident of this kind to happen, whether here or in other parts of our country.

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Joyce Lowman

Albert Lea