City OKs taxes for summer street work

Published 9:27 am Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Albert Lea City Council on Monday approved assessments for a series of improvement projects completed this summer, including the $2.8 million reconstruction of Myers Road in the Jobs Industrial Park.

City Manager Chad Adams said the Myers Road project included the removal and replacement of the existing concrete pavement, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and watermain.

It also included installing a new drain system, constructing a storm sewer system and installing sidewalk on the south and west side of the roadway, among others.

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Adams said total project costs came in lower than estimated.

The federal share was about $1.46 million, the state-aid portion was about $754,000, the city portion was about $52,000 and the assessable portion was about $576,000.

Assessments will be paid back over 15 years.

In other action, the City Council:

• Approved assessments for the state-aid neighborhood improvement project.

The project included an overlay of Clark Street from Minnesota Highway 13 to First Avenue, Prospect Avenue from East Main Street to S.E. Marshall Street, and S.E. Marshall Street from Morningside Road to Prospect Avenue.

It also included new sidewalk installation on Clark Street and the installation of a new sanitary sewer line on St. Peter Avenue.

Costs were about 10 percent lower than what was expected.

According to city background information, final costs were just shy of $900,000, with the assessable portion being about $377,000.

• Approved assessments for the mill and overlay of a series of residential streets in the east central part of the city. The project also included new blacktop on the lower parking lot at Edgewater Park and the parking lot at Sondergaard Park.

Total costs were about $411,000 with the assessable portion being about $205,000. Assessments were about 23 percent lower than the engineer initially anticipated.

• Approved assessments for the removal and replacement of blacktop on Prospect Avenue from Stevens Road to East Main Street.

Final costs were about $40,000, with about $24,500 being approved in assessments and about $15,500 being city costs. Assessments were about 23 percent lower than initially anticipated.

• Approved assessments for the parking maintenance district downtown.

Assessments were approved on a square-foot basis, minus $50 per stall for privately owned street parking stalls that are open during normal business hours for customer parking.

Adams said assessments totaled about $38,000 compared to about $46,000 in 2011.

• Adopted a series of miscellaneous assessments totaling about $14,000. Assessments covered delinquent water and sewer accounts, sanitary sewer inspection fees, mowing, refuse and frozen water mains.

• Approved a series of annexations.