Editorial: Keep Murray in office in Dist. 27A

Published 11:35 am Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We encourage Democrat Shannon Savick to stay active in local politics, as she is a bright person with good ideas, but we see no reason for residents of House District 27A to relieve the Republican incumbent of his duties. Rep. Rich Murray has been a good listener. Let’s keep him working for the district for another term.

There never are going to be times when everyone agrees on state issues and how our elected representative should vote. But this much is clear: Murray has pushed and pulled his Republican Party to focus more on the issue of jobs and less on distracting voters with fights over the social issues of the times. Murray ran on the ticket of jobs two years ago, and he has stuck to his guns on the matter, even when suburban Republicans on his side of the aisle became distracted with political games.

Murray has been visible in District 27A throughout his two years in office, going to meetings where he would clearly get support for his votes and going to meetings knowing he would get derided for his votes. Still, through it all, he listened. And he maintains connections to local leaders and sincerely works to have his votes reflect the interests of his constituents, not just the metro-based party leaders.

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A good example is how Murray has been a warrior in support of local government aid. He fought tooth and nail for it, and despite years of cuts, it was not cut in the past biennium. He was among a contingent of state leaders who convinced others that keeping LGA helps keep rural Minnesota economically viable, which, in turn, is good for the tax base.

Need more proof? Murray served as the chief House author of an angel investment tax credit bill and a business development public infrastructure appropriation bill. By working out compromises, he helped shepherd these measures. For that, he was recognized in July by the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities.

Murray is a proven leader who, by sending him back, will be able to do even more for Albert Lea. For instance, our watershed district did not get bonding bill assistance for dredging local lakes, but by having a representative who has more time in St. Paul, Albert Lea can garner more clout.

Keep Murray representing House District 27A. Vote for him Tuesday.