Find the keys to a better future

Published 9:42 am Friday, October 26, 2012

As Election Day 2012 draws near, it is time to think seriously about our federal and state future. We need the best people for a strong, free, better future.

We must consider that our current U.S. president is a total failure. Big deficits, big government, big regulations, big spending, tax and spend, caters to favored groups and firms, etc. Tax attacks on a 1 percent minority group, who are job creators. No to him! No more years!

Minnesota’s current governor also is a tax-and-spend type who wants more taxes on a minority group of job creators. As Minnesota governor, he has shut down Minnesota government when he did not get his big-spending ways. How do we deal with the above? How can we improve? What are the best fed and state choices?

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Vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for U.S. president and vice president — a great team, great leaders!

Vote for Kurt Bills for U.S. Senate — a new leader for reform.

Vote for Al Quist for U.S. Congress — dedicated to deficit reduction.

Vote for Linden Anderson for Minnesota Senate — a new voice.

Vote for Rich Murray for Minnesota House, a hard-working, proven reformer, who listens and knows our needs and is a rising star in the Minnesota House.

Tort reform, curbing spending, regulation reform. No string blocks grants. Private sector growth, not government growth. These are our keys to a better future. Vote reform now!

 Tom Schleck

Albert Lea