Murray has strong bipartisan record

Published 6:49 pm Saturday, October 13, 2012

We should be proud to have Rep. Rich Murray represent us in St. Paul. Rich works hard, fights for our district and votes across party lines when it matters. In fact, Rich has a 91.9 percent bipartisan voting record. When Rich Murray voted on a bill on the House floor — either “yes” or “no” — he was joined by one or more Democrats over 90 percent of the time! Rich Murray is ranked fifth in the House for those running for re-election for his bipartisan voting record.

If you want to hear more, plan on attending an event at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Albert Lea American Legion. The keynote speaker is John Kriesel, a decorated war veteran, motivational speaker and author of the acclaimed book “Still Standing,” which chronicles his time with the famed Red Bulls of the Minnesota National Guard and his fight for survival after losing both of his legs from a road-side bomb in Iraq.

As a state representative, John Kriesel, working with Rich Murray, gained a reputation as an independent voice for Minnesota. Visit on how to register for this event.

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Matt Benda

Albert Lea