Murray is a selfless servant

Published 9:55 am Monday, October 29, 2012

A lot of time and money is being thrown at the legislative race for state representative in District 27A.

It’s pretty sad how quickly people can be swayed to forget the people they’ve known for years just because they hear a radio ad or read something in the newspaper.

I want to remind all the voters about the true character of one of those candidates, Rich Murray. I’ve known Murray for many years, and during that entire time he has never been anything, but a selfless servant to others in anything he does. This was his nature long before he thought about running for public office.

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If there is one quality that I admire more than any other about Murray it is that he is exactly who you meet. He prefers not to draw attention to himself and gives others the credit and the accolades. He spends every day just like the one before, getting things done for the folks around him. He doesn’t just show up when it’s convenient or after the hard work is done. Many of us have seen this on display through his dedication to our many community organizations. So let me just leave you with this. When you hear that radio ad, or read another piece in the paper, think about the measure of the man on display over the last 30 years. As for me, there can only be one choice as our next state representative, Rich Murray!


Susie Miller

Albert Lea