Obama appeals only to the fringe

Published 9:32 am Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Whenever there is a choice to be made, an election to be decided, there must be honesty, with all parties playing by the rules. It could be said that Barack Obama, as candidate and president, has done neither, but has operated through secrecy, deception, corruption and coverup. His executive order No. 1 was to seal all of his personal history and records. What does that indicate about his integrity? In the campaign of 2008, if he would have stated, with the news reporting it: “As president, I will disregard the American Constitution; I will disarm America’s military; I will surrender America’s sovereignty to the United Nations; I will disobey federal immigration laws and grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens; I will ‘add’ trillions to the national debt; I will deter America’s free-enterprise economy and domestic energy supplies; I will bypass federal division of power with its checks and balances; and I will appoint radical ACLU-style judges,” who would have voted for him except for fringe elements who hated America?

But as president, he has gone on to do all of the above and more. To illustrate how far to the radical left the Democratic party has gotten, the Communist party USA has endorsed Obama in this election. My friend, is your allegiance to the United States or to your political party? For anyone who votes for this man on Nov. 6, with all of the anti-American evidence against him, will become part of his attempted destruction of America.


Linda Kuehn

Albert Lea