Pick Savick to represent district

Published 10:03 am Friday, October 19, 2012

Today I listened to “On the Media” on Minnesota Public Radio. They discussed the fact that campaign experts have learned that if people are told a lie seven times or more, people begin to believe the lie. People just get worn down.

I guess that explains why my family has gotten seven pieces of literature attacking Shannon Savick — accusing her of recklessly raising property taxes. I think we need to examine the facts and assign responsibility where it belongs.

• Rich Murray voted to eliminate the homestead credit, raising property taxes. (One source states that rural and outstate homeowners got their rates raised seven times higher than metro or suburban homeowners). Rich Murray went along with the suburban legislators and voted to raise our taxes. Shannon Savick was not there to take that vote.

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• Rich Murray voted for the government shutdown seven times, refusing to vote to compromise budgets with the governor. Shannon Savick was not there to take those votes.

• Rich Murray voted to cut funding for schools. Shannon Savick was not there to take those votes. Where was Shannon Savick? As the mayor of Wells, she was on the front line of trying to balance a city budget when the Republican Legislature and Rich Murray voted to cut local government aid. She had the daunting task of trying to decide what to cut: fire or police protection, swimming pools for kids, programs for seniors, road repairs or snow removal. She had to make the hard choices the Republican Legislature forced on local governments. She did this in a fair and balanced way. She would do the same if sent to represent us in St. Paul.

Shannon Savick’s campaign theme is “Representation Not Politics.” I am convinced she will vote in the interest of the citizens of District 27A and won’t be swayed by politics. Let’s send her to St. Paul so we can have the representation we deserve.


Mary Hinnenkamp

Albert Lea