Rep. Murray was well-spoken

Published 10:12 am Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I can’t believe Ted Hinnenkamp and I were at the same event. First, it was a get-to-know-the candidates forum with questions from the audience, hardly the debate format described in his letter. Second, Ted brings up issues and discussion that I did not remember anyone saying at this forum. Third, Shannon Savick readily admitted she had not even thought of a couple of the questions so she was unprepared to speak to those issues.

It seems to be a trend in this election for liberals to make up stories about what they wish had happened rather than talk about what really happened. I do recall that Savick has a degree in physics; she did mention that about six or seven times. Rich Murray was well spoken on all subjects and will continue to represent our district well on the real issues discussed. Vote for Rich Murray.


John Forman

Albert Lea