Right-wing writer is way off base

Published 10:34 am Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Well that scheckster is at it again. He wants you to think Barack Obama hasn’t done any good for this country. If you believe this, you couldn’t have been living in the USA for the last four years. If you know this far-right scheckster, ask him why he enjoyed getting top union wages and a top union retirement and benefits that he wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for the union. The unions and the Democrat Party work together to help the less fortunate to have better lives. If this far-right scheckster was so smart, why didn’t he make a living that wasn’t affiliated with the union, and if he had any scruples at all, he would have looked for a non-union job.

The Republican Party does all it can to break the unions. Just look what is happening in Wisconsin. The Republicans know the unions support the Democrats. That scheckster refers to the top 1 percent as a minority. This is the only minority that I know that everyone wants to be part of. He says that Obama is attacking the top 1 percent. They have not created any jobs since George W. Bush lowered their taxes and actually all it did was create a big deficit.

So listen to someone with common sense and vote straight Democratic when you vote so we can get this country back on the right track. If we can get every Republican out of office, we will finally see some great progress done in this country. We sure don’t need two clones of George W. and Dick Cheney back in the White House, do we? If you are unaware of what these two clowns did to this country, you should not even vote at all.

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Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea